Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chaos and Bang Your Ears 13!!!!

With special guest James Steel..........James is awesome, however his mic and Skype is NOT.  So this ended up being possibly the most unintentionally funny episode EVER.

Jim is going to have a redo next week at his office where his connection will work better.  We were all disappointed because once Jim got going he had a lot of really awesome stuff to talk about, which is why we rescheduled for next week.  You'll still get some good info (and laughs) out of this one however.........



    hey Paul - I enjoyed the podcast even though Jim had some technical difficulties. Speaking of Klokov i saw this vid the other day of him doing a 550 lb front squat. looks like he's taking a page out of SLL with the 5 sec pause at the bottom. ridiculous.

  2. Jim seems to be a really nice (and smart) guy. Hope you guys can get him again soon. Also, the podcast was really good, despite the problems.

  3. Good podcast. Jamie is a riot. " I dont give a Fck about Baseball..' LOL. Paul can you get these tools on the show?

  4. Hey Paul, love the show, I have a couple questions.
    1. Did you guys ever do that 'T-bag-nation' rant? (I may have forgotten)
    2. I loved Jamie's blog posts on the topic, any chance of some ranting from both of you on veganism?
    3. When in a bar, how do each of you hold your drink?
    4. Have either of you seen the movie God Bless America? If not, here's the trailer:
    5. This is definitely more of an absolute strength feat, but check out this kid's videos. (They aren't mine, just to be clear)

    1. I like question #3 and I'm going to go over that this week......