Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training - Press and Pipes with massive PR and a call out

Bodyweight - 240

Close Grip Bench -
bar x 50

Poundstone Curls - 160 reps BOOOMMM!!!

Band Lying Extensions - 100 total reps

Notes - Eric Lilliebridge and I are having a friendly competition on the curls, so he did 130 other night.  I upped the ante and did 160 tonight.  I guess it's first to 200............


  1. Nice work Paul... I like to see ppl actually do CG Bench, instead of calling it CG, but only go closer than their "Comp Grip", some ppl I see call them CG's, and they are going wider than my competition grip (I am a student of the Wendler Bench Grip school, more narrow, better Shoulder, as being a Pitcher my whole life has left a mark.)

    And I dig the Atreyu in the background...

    1. I'm about to start out using the CGBP exclusively. I hear a lot of guys say hands have to be on the smooth. That's a little awkward for me personally. I use the same grip as my overhead press, about an inch off the smooth.

    2. I can't go on the smooth either. I need to have some knurling in my hands.

  2. I like that you were listening to "The Trooper" during the poundstone curls.

  3. Waiting for some asshat to complain about form or say you only did 159!
    That looks absolutely brutal!

  4. Nice PR Paul! It must feel good to beat Eric at something haha. I watched this video of Coan talking about his training and it reminded me a lot of what you guys were talking about in the last podcast. Its a good video if you have time to check it out: http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/starting_strength_series_ed_coan#When:02:58:40Z

  5. I think my greatest issue with doing Poundstone Curls would be the counting!

    And then a question. As far as I could tell you advocate short rests between sets of assistance (60 seconds or less I think).
    Doing 5x10, would you then keep the weight constant on all the sets?

  6. Great curls! I only managed seventy so far and got thrashed.
    Paul you mentioned that you are going to give some online training tips through skype if I am not mistaken. Please let me know if so.

  7. Paul, do you have any experience or opinions related to protein powder from brown rice? I've used it in the past, and while the texture is awful, it leaves me feeling significantly fuller and for much longer than dairy based powders, or even blends that include both dairy and egg. I haven't used it in a while, but I was thinking about incorporating it back into my diet during the evening when my urge to snack is stronger. However since I've never seen serious lifters ever mention similar products, I wanted to know if there was some potential down-side I should consider. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hey Paul,

    Your posts about Poundstone curls lately have been great. I had a question related to straight bar and ez-bar curling, since you've reminded me that I have neglected curls greatly in the last year. Both give me sharp, intense wrist pain at the top of the movement. I don't think it's just "man up and push through it" pain, because it's far greater than any pain I've ever gotten from anything else.

    I'm wondering if you've ever had this issue when you were starting out, or have any ideas about possible solutions. In the short term, curls on the parallel grip bar are significantly better on me, but I'd love to have the option of doing "normal" curls (and chin-ups, same issue) at some point in the future. I've tried wrist wraps, and while those helped a bit, they just slightly masked the problem at hand, rather than solving it.

    Thanks a lot brother!

    1. No not really any wrist problems unless I had been curling too heavy. Then they would give me some problems. Otherwise the wrists never bothered me on curls. It could be that you are not locking your wrist and keeping it straight throughout the movement. Not sure.

    2. I have experienced that same issue and fucked up my arms so badly I couldn't do any curls for 2 months. I stupidly decided to push through the pain.

      I have only recently experienced straight bars not causing any pain and that was with light weights. Does just the bar give you any problems? If not, try to start light and work your way up and if yes try doing them more strict and not raising your elbows.

  9. Nice session, real nice. After viewing Wendler I realized I was doing them wrong by putting the bar down during the rest periods.

    It's a whole different animal when you gotta maintain that grip. There is a point when it's actually more comfortable to be curling than when your arms rest to the sides while gripping the bar. Never felt my Brachs so much!

  10. http://www.allthingsgym.com/2012/08/paul-carter-curls-160-reps/#disqus_thread