Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quick Q&A for the podcast tonight

We are having James Steel back on since he turned into a robot during the last podcast.  Try to keep the questions more related to Jim and stuff he can answer......


  1. Question for James.

    Have you ever trained an ex collegiate athlete for powerlifting or general strength training, that has a background in a sport that causes muscles imbalances? ie - pitcher, tennis, etc.

    How did you approach the muscle imbalances not only for symmetry purposes, but also for injury prevention?
    If not, what would your propose if you did run into this situation?

  2. I've heard geared lifters say that raw lifters and people lifting to improve sport performance should lift wearing gear, as the gear will let you handle more weight, and therefore make you stronger out of the gear. Is there any credibility to this?

    (My reflex answer is no, but I've never lifted in gear so what do I know...)

  3. Have you dealt with many "walk-on" athletes (whether frequently or in pass)? If so, have you noticed any traits in their psychology or training which occur frequently?

  4. Question for James...

    Say an athlete is playing out of his skin during the season and seems to never get injured from season to season but when you screen him his movement patterns are shit, do you make it a priority to fix these faulty movement patterns and mobility restrictions even though it may not help his performance as he is already playing at his potentially best level? I'm an interning strength and conditioning coach so I'm wondering how you would deal with these athletes.

  5. What are a few simple things people should be doing gto maintain/improve mobility in the hips?

  6. Asked Jim a Question last week so one for everyone:

    If Powerlifting got picked up by IOC for the 2016 Olympics would you guys consider competing (assuming the competition was Raw)?

  7. General training question..

    I want to be athletic, big, strong, and lean. How should I tackle all of these goals throughout the year if they all have equal importance. I.e. should I focus 6 months of the year on getting big and strong and 6 months on getting lean and athletic? Essentially, what would be a good periodization scheme for someone who doesn't want to be a bodybuilder, athlete, mma fighter, or fitness model, but just wants to be more awesome? Or, is this type of training even efficient and should a more specialized approach be taken for more marginal benefit?

    Thanks in advance, even if my question isn't discussed. I love your blog dude, I pretty much only read your and Wendler's stuff now, you guys are awesome.

  8. Same question as last time. Whats the most overrated exercise for improving each of the big 3?