Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Training - Press and Upperback

Bodyweight - 244

Close Grip Bench -
bar x40

Incline Db Press - 120's x 12

Cybex Seated Row - 110 x 5x20
Rear Delt Machine - ??? x 4x15

Notes - Tired.  80%er but barely.


  1. Seem like you are not the only person to get shafted by T-douche nation

  2. Hey Paul, just wanted to check in and post my diet and the changes I've made to it. I'm currently weighing in at 201 first thing in the morning. Last Wednesday I decided to make August my "final push" to get to 10% bf or less (I'm at about 14 right now). I'd been using a combo of the shake diet and IF for the last couple months and now I've decided to drop the calories a little lower. So the changes starting this month are, switching from 1% to fat free cottage cheese, using the Labrada carb-watchers MRP instead of the regular ones, and cutting out the peanut butter (I'd been having about 2 tbsp a day). My diet consists of 1 shake, 1 meal that consists of 2 chicken breasts and a cup of cottage cheese, then another shake then later another cup of cottage cheese as a snack. I'm getting around 180g of protein and under 50g of carbs and fat each. I'm eating this in the IF window of 11am-7pm. Let me know what you think and I'll keep you posted with the results. Thanks- Charlie

    1. I think you need to NOT drop the cals so low, you need to just be patient and up the cardio a little bit. Not with interval work, just get your steady up cardio up to 60 total minutes a day 7 days a week, and it will happen.

  3. Anything you would recommend for adding in some extra cals?

  4. You watched any of the Olympic weightlifting Paul, some pretty crazy stuff. Not sure if this BBC link will work in US but the video of Lu Xiajun in 77 kg class is crazy, setting 2 world records. Especially his c&j where he overhead squats 204kg from rock bottom.

    If it does play, select options 3 and 4 from play menu (hover over video) when it starts playing

    Klokov up Monday

  5. Paul, sorry if this is covered in the book, but I can't find it:
    I'm trying to set up the spreadsheet for the SLL Off-Season Intermediate program. For the Deadlift it looks like you're using the Strong-15 numbers, including a 1X3 back-off, but I'm not sure if there is supposed to be progression in here or not. Are you saying to use the same numbers for deadlifting, based on current 1RM, through-out the off-season, and don't try to progress until going into a meet/strength phase?

    1. It's similar to the strong-15 but more based on feel. A "nice" single then a back off set. This is where guys need to spend a little time learning and getting a feel for things.

    2. That's what I suspected. If they feel consistently awesome, bump the weights a bit.