Monday, August 6, 2012

Training - Small Session

Last night -

Band Pull Aparts - 5 x 20-30 reps

Poundstone Curls - bar x 120 PR

Band Pushdowns - 5x30

Notes - Quick and dirty.  


  1. Check out any of the Olympic lifting this year Paul? Bummed that Klokov popped positive and dropped out + Akkaev's back injury.

    1. Here's a cool clip you/readers may be interested in. Video of Behdad Salimi of Iran squatting 715lbs in the training hall 1 week out from comp.

      from the uploader:

      "It was taken on Thursday last week, and what most impressed me was that the entire training hall stood still and watched him.

      Basically, he owned the space.

      On the same day prior the squat he snatched 205kg and clean & jerked 250kg.

      So…. at least in theory, we will be looking at something very special night tomorrow."