Thursday, August 2, 2012

Training - Extra Pressing

Don't normally do this but last nights session felt so bad I wanted to get in some extra pressing so I just did a few warm ups and hit the 100's for reps on the seated press.

Seated Db Press -
20's x 50
60's x 12, 8
80's x 8
100's x 20,10

Will be doing conditioning later with some 7 minute abs.


  1. Do you just do any Ab work for the 7 minutes? Or do you have a set workout that you do? Thanks Paul.

  2. Hey just wanted to drop some music to blast when lifting recommendations, here's some more musically dense metal bands with themes of strength, war, and devastation:

    Bolt Thrower - War Master, also For Victory
    Evil Army - self titled
    Immolation - Close To A World Below
    Asphyx - The Rack
    The Chasm - Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm <---- !!!
    Incantation - Mortal Throne of Nazarene


    Anal Cunt - It Just Gets Worse (atleast read the song titles

    1. LOL good, I need some new stuff. My taste is pretty eclectic though, so we'll see.

  3. Paul

    I just read your blog posts about steroids. Why don't you tall about them more on here or on your book? I am interested in the darkside after lifting clean the past ten years. I feel like u are preaching about all the important shit all the time (training, eating, conditioning) but neglect talking about what u are cycling (assuming u are) maybe u just think they aren't that important? Or that its not good for a blog? I think us be surprised how many people like myself are genuinely interested and would like to read more about it on Ure blog

    1. What am I cycling?

      300mg of test a week. That's it.


      Most guys don't believe that, but that's all I take. Before a meet, I will take an oral for about 10-14 days out. That's it.

      I like knowing that even out of a meet, my meet strength is still mostly mine (outside of peaking).

      I could write more on darksidin, I just haven't. Might in the future.

    2. Damn. I would love that. I'd like to know your thoughts on PCT and to be honest I need to reread the whole darksidin posts you made. I've been following a lot of the GH15 craze and all these guys that plan on blast/cruise the rest of their lives. Do you cycle off the test ever? Or you just cruise longterm and a SMALL oral blast before meets? Anyways, thanks for the honesty. It is fucking rare in this industry

    3. No PCT. PCT is retarded. I know lots of guys say otherwise, but why the fuck come off unless you want kids? Just stay on. Dorian Yates talked about this before, and basically what's the point in running all sorts of shit, then coming off only to watch most of it disappear, when you could stay on a small dose and retain most all of it?

      I got on because of legit low test levels and HRT. So I use just slightly above my legit replacement dose. That's it. The oral can even be something OTC. But fuck a PCT. Why get off? My dose is low enough that it doesn't change anyway.

  4. Pure Man Porn!

    Well done fella.

  5. What Clamps are you using to hold the plates on? The ones I use stop feeling stable after I have more than 75lbs on the DB. Not reassuring when you're pushing all that weight over your head!

  6. Nice pressing.

    A training partner pointed out a pretty massive form flaw in my bench. My bench blows. I always touch way too low, which puts the bar out of my "power path", as you say. Essentially, if you think of the diagonal line from where you lockout the bar over your shoulders to the point on your chest you touch, my forearms are nearly perpendicular to that, pointing away from my body, rather than right in line with it.

    I watched your raw bench setup vid last night. You exhibit a good bottom position, but you don't elaborate much on it. It'd be fucking sweet if you could do a quick vid discussing grip width, elbow flair, etc. as it pertains to a proper bottom position.

    1. Roger that. Will do. Most of that was just discussion how to get into proper position, but I can go over the bottom portion as well.