Monday, August 13, 2012

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UFC 150 - If Bendo did enough to win the title from Frankie the first time they fought, I can't understand for the life of me how Frankie Edgar didn't do enough to get it back in the rematch.  Judging makes no sense to me anymore.  I'm not a "he got robbed!" kinda guy, but if what Bendo did in the first fight was enough, then Frankie got robbed Saturday night.

Cool story from this weekend...........So Saturday night me and the little lady go out to eat.  We try Houston's, and there is a 45 minute wait.  We put our name down anyway and go sit by the bar.  I'm not happy though and neither is she.  "You wanna try Fogo?" she asks me, referring to the Brazilian steakhouse across the street.  "Sure".  So we walk over and check to see what the wait time is there.  "30 minutes" we are told.  Cool, that's 15 minutes less and better food.  So we go stand outside to wait because it's nice out and I recognize the guy leaning against the wall, also waiting to be seated.  His name is Dexter McCluster and he plays for the Chiefs.  I introduce myself and we chat for a bit.  His girlfriend shows up to eat and as it turns out, she's from New Orleans (we are originally from a small town just north of NOLA).  So we all hit it off and chat for quite some time before Tiff and I are called in to be seated.

When we sit down at our table, it turns out it's a table for four.  Dexter and his GF haven't been seated yet, so I go back outside and ask if they'd like to join us.  So we spent the next 3 hours chattin it up, having some drinks and eating WAAAAY too much awesome Brazilian steak.  We exchanged numbers and made plans to hook up later for more food and fun.  Great guy.

So I've been at the 100 rep curls and the 100-150 reps for triceps for a while now.  Going way back to when I was talking about "small workouts".  Over the past few months I've really bumped up the reps and volume to make sure I'm getting in a shit ton of reps.  This is my pic from over the weekend.

This is exactly what happened to me after I tore my bicep the second time  I was doing tons of reps for biceps and triceps, light weight, a few times a week.  For whatever reason, my arms really seem to respond to it.  If your arm growth has been stagnant throw in the poundstone curls once a week, then another session of high volume dumbbell curls (5-6 sets of 25, LIGHT with short rest periods) and you will see the benefits.

No podcast night night.  Jamie was busy with some business stuff and I had to run errands to get ready for my Ohio trip.  We are going to try and get back together on Tuesday night if possible and knock it out then.

So I've been tinkering with the new split, and am going to have some articles out about it soon and also how to incorporate some of the various cycles from Strength Life Legacy into it.

Also, and this should excite some of you, I'm working on a strong-15 volume tapering method.  For those of you who love higher volume work on the three powerlifts.  This is something I have actually kind of been doing by default with my squatting because I've had to stay light.  But I will be implementing it with my new split, and with my bench and pull as well because I can't do reps on bench for more than a couple of weeks at a time.

I managed to get around to also watching a movie with the fam this weekend.  Wrath of the Titans.  Terrible reviews.  We loved it.  Acting was bad, story was terrible, lots of random shit happening for no apparent reason.  It had a lot of special effects and was fun, so we all laughed and cheered and had a good time.  A movie doesn't always have to click with the intellectual in me for me to like it.  If my girls like it, I will probably like it with them.

I leave for Ohio Thursday morning, won't get back until Sunday night so don't expect a lot of updates or an update until possibly next Monday.  I should have some solid stuff for when I get back however, since I am staying with Pegg and will see Wendler and possibly Kara Bohigian on my travels out there.

I will be offering up some online personal training soon.  Right now, I probably get 100-150 questions a week and I like to answer as many questions as possible.  However I need to consolidate things like "can you take a look at my routine and tell me what all I need to fix" type of questions.  Basically, guys asking me to write out routines for them.  I can't possibly get around to always answering these as thoroughly as I like so I am going to be creating some online options for those who are SERIOUS about their training.

To add to that, if there is one thing that bugs me, it's the guy that says he can't pay for online coaching (or coaching in general), but somehow finds a way to pay for beer and bullshit supplements.  I suppose it's a built in mechanism to keep the blowhards away, but still, I hate when someone goes "Oh I will I have to check to see if I can afford $50" when I know plenty of teenagers who blow $200 a month at GNC on protein and NO-XPLODE.

Get your priorities straight.

Once again, for those that don't have me on Facebook........

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.........I put up an article that you single dudes must read.  It might explain a lot about what you are dealing with today out of women with "Princess syndrome".  My advice for you is to constantly cut these women loose as soon as you run across them.  Never waste a moment of your time trying to please a woman who cannot be pleased and needs constant attention and catering.  Let some other schmuck fall on that sword.

I hope your Monday tastes like a 2x4 with nails in it.


  1. arms are lookin swole. Give em hell

  2. Sounds you had a good weekend and a great week is coming up.

    Cool that you probably going to meet Wendler, sounds realy awesome.

    Have a great week


  3. The one thing I miss about living in KC - meeting Chiefs players at random places. Dex seems like a cool dude.

    1. Dex was very cool. So was his GF. We had a great time. I'm getting a kick out of the people at arrohwed pride who think pro ball players are stronger than they are. It's pretty funny.

  4. Just out of curiosity, what kind of shit did you talk about?

    1. Food, training, kids, growing up in the south, drinks, marriage, family.....normal life stuff. We might have talked about football for 5 minutes the whole night.

  5. Will you have a few different options for online training guidance? Like monthly/weekly/whatever? I guess you'll come back with details... I'm really interested in some consultation eventually.

    BTW, I ordered a tank, but you sent me a t-shirt instead. I'm not sure which email I should send to for sorting this, should I reply to the order confirmation I got and explain?

    Also, have you given any thought to how you will organize new templates, cycles, and so on (like strong-15 volume-thing mentioned above)? Will you just publish them here as articles, or maybe after a while you've got enough material to publish a small e-book, sort of SLL addon/expansion pack? Have you thought about other publishing projects? You've written a novel I belive?

    Rock on. And press it strict, god damn it!

    1. Will have out the pricing and other shit soon.

      Shoot me an e-mail at

      Not sure. I'm working on a new strong-15 template with high volume tapering that should be fucking awesome.

    2. Allright, will do. Looking forward to that template. I like those fucking awesome templates. It was great how the programs in SLL was structured like blocks you could switch around, customizing your training. It sort of pushes you toward experimenting, but with some good frames. Very educational. I have, and will continue to learn alot about programming with that book. Must be a good feeling to have spurred/helped/created all that progress in folks training... Good job!

    3. That's always the best thing about this. Hearing that you helped someone in some meaningful way accomplish something in their life. Can't be beat.

  6. Hi Paul,

    I need some advice. This isn't training or nutrition related - things are going great with that, in face that is the "problem".

    My parents, and indeed some of my friends feel that I have become "vain, selfish and self centred" in my pursuit of a more aesthetic and stronger physique.

    In short they don't understand why I do it.

    And I am sick and tired of getting shit for it - any idea what I can say/do to make them understand?

    Keep inspiring Paul, you're awesome!

    1. It's not your job to convince them of anything. No one has to live your life but you.

      On the flip side of that, if it's people who love you and they constantly keep telling you the same thing, it also behooves you to heed their words and pay attention to them to see if they have merit.

      Have some introspection about it, and be honest with what you find.


      Come home brother

    3. Thanks for posting the reddit link, that's great stuff.

    4. Thanks Paul, will have a think about it after I dominate the Squat rack.

      Stay strong!

      (Awesome link)

  7. That is an epic weekend Paul. Ha ha don't take this the wrong way, but Dexter looks bigger than he does on TV.... NEXT TO YOU. Ha ha its probably because he is surrounded by lineman all the time. YOU GOT BEAST GUNS.

    1. I think it's just the pic. He's not a very big guy at all. He's muscular but compact.